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Deutsches Eck Koblenz
Schalken-Meerener Maar
Burg Eltz
Berndkastel Kues - Marktplatz
Cochem an der Mosel
Moselkrampen bei Bremm
Geierlay Hängebrücke
Kloster Maria-Laach
Wilde Endert Wasserfall

In the surroundings of our resort you will find numerous remarkable destinations, which are visited every year by tourists from all over the world. Under each short description you will find the link to the respective websites of the destinations.


City of Koblenz
The Moselle flows into the Rhine in this historic city at the "German Corner". Here you can take a cable car across the river to the Ehrenbreitstein fortress, which is situated on a hill. Several museums are housed here and a variety of cultural events are held here all year round. Further south along the river bank is the neo-Gothic Stolzenfels Castle with its gardens.
If you want to go shopping on holiday, you will find lovely little shops and large shopping centres in Koblenz.



In the Üßbach valley between the Moselle and the volcanic Eifel this health resort is situated in a unique landscape with many possibilities for relaxation and recreation. Here you will find the only Glauber salt thermal spring in Germany and the first landscape therapeutic park Römerkessel.
A pleasant stay in the 32°C naturally warm water of the Vulkaneifel Therme is a wonderful way to relax.



The volcanism in the Eifel is 45 million years old and even today you can find signs of activity, especially at the Laacher See.
The best known volcanic forms of the West Eifel are the so-called Eifel maars, former craters that have been silted up or filled with water.
In total, more than 70 maar volcanoes have been counted here, but only twelve maars are still filled with water today.


Eltz Castle

The castle Eltz survived many wars unharmed. Thus its architecture and original furnishings from eight centuries have been preserved. Since its construction it has been owned and cared for by a single family and offers a treasure trove of world-class gold and silver work. The castle is located in a nature reserve of great scenic beauty and full of rare plants and animals. The dream path "Eltzer Burgpanorama" is particularly attractive for the hiking enthusiast.





Berndkastel-Kues is the "International city of vine and wine". It offers the visitor a picturesque old town with romantic alleys and half-timbered houses. Inside are lovingly restored shops and stores and rustic wine cellars.
The most famous wine of the town is the "Berndkasteler Doctor".



The small romantic place is also affectionately called the "Sleeping Beauty of the Moselle". The history of the buildings and walls can be traced far beyond the 14th century. The small place existed for centuries of wine cultivation. Since this did not bring great prosperity to the inhabitants, hardly any changes could be made to the townscape. For this reason the guests today can be offered an original medieval ambience.



Cochem is the smallest district town in Germany with about 5000 inhabitants. With the old town and the Reichsburg, it offers an arrangement of enchanting attraction for tourists from all over the world. Tourism with its facets determines the face of the alleys and squares. In addition, the most important authorities and offices of the Cochem-Zell region can be found here.



Bremmer Calmont

The landscape of this region is dominated by the steepest vineyards in Europe. The Moselle River forces its way past them in a loop, the so-called Moselle cramp. These natural conditions shape this impressive landscape. The Calmonter Klettersteig is a challenge for hikers with alpine climbing experience. But also the "normal" hiker will find exhilarating views of the river with the Moselle loop on the paths above the valley.



Cochem Chairlift

The chairlift is the only one on the Moselle and connects the city at a height of 360 metres with the Pinner-Kreuz viewpoint. It is open from March to November and offers its passengers the possibility to ride in closed cabins even in bad weather and to admire the Moselle valley with the city of Cochem from a café. From the top station it is about 20 minutes walk to the Klotten Wildlife and Leisure Park.



There is hardly anyone who does not know this legendary racetrack in the Eifel in the shadow of the Nürburg and associate it with the greats of motor racing. An eventful history testifies to many changes and conversions. Besides the year-round motor sport events, many other events are present here, such as the annual "Rock amRing" festival.


Suspension bridge Geierlay
The idea of building the longest suspension bridge in Europe was initially simply rejected as unrealisable. Thanks to the unswerving commitment of some citizens of Mörsdorf and many supporters in Rhineland-Palatinate, it was realized in a record construction time of 6 months. Today the bridge is a magnet with over one million visitors per year.


Monastery Maria Laach
The Benedictine abbey at Laacher See was founded in 1093. The six-towered basilica is one of the most magnificent Romanesque churches in Germany. Laacher See and its surroundings form the largest nature reserve in Rhineland-Palatinate. The last eruption of the magma chamber of this caldera was about 10,000 years ago. With a total area of 21 km² including its crater rim areas, Laacher See is the largest nature reserve in Rhineland-Palatinate and has been declared the most beautiful lake in Rhineland-Palatinate.



Germany's most beautiful hiking trail 2019 The Wilde Endert
In 2019, the trade magazine Wandermagazin searched for the 16th time for the most beautiful hiking trail in Germany. With an impressive majority of about 3500 votes, the 20 km long trail through the valley of the Wild Endert from Ulmen to Cochem was chosen. You can enter the trail at various points. The hiker will find romantic gorges and an impressive waterfall along the Wild Endert.


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